Pro plan is designed for professionals who need the best tools available to help them distribute their music. With powerful features and advanced analytics, it's the perfect plan for taking your music career to the next level.
20 Projects
50 GB Content Storage
100.000 Codes
10 Users
Smart blocking

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€ 119.00 EUR
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Common Questions

Will end-users be required to sign up in order to access the content?

Absolutely not! End-users do not need to sign up or create a profile in any way. All they have to do is enter or scan the code they want to use.

Is it possible to upgrade my current Startup or Pro plan?

The process of upgrading your plan is simple. You can do this by accessing the Billing Portal, which can be found on the account details page within the administration portal. It's worth noting that when you upgrade, your shared content and codes will remain unchanged, as will your files and settings (such as shared links, published projects, and preferences). Administrative users will have a similar experience, with the only difference being the addition of new features.

Is it possible to switch to a lower tier plan from my current one?

Absolutely! It's definitely possible to downgrade your current plan at the end of your subscription. However, downgrading requires a bit more effort, such as ensuring that your current storage usage and number of published codes do not exceed the limits of the plan you want to switch to. Because of this, you'll need to reach out to our support team for assistance.

Is it possible for me to personalize the landing page of my projects for end-users?

You can only customize the landing page for end-users if you upgrade from the free plan. However, all plans offer the ability to include related information such as content creator/author, descriptions, and links to other external pages.

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